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Greenspan MallAdvertising

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Greenpsan Mall attracts hoards of people who visit the mall for various reasons. Pop-up shops are good because they:

Create a sense of urgency for potential client to buy now

Encourages interaction with your brand

Gives buyers unique experiences

Mobility allows the vendor to try different locations to tap into the mall revelers

Event-driven pop ups will benefit your brand in personalized experiences

The Ultimate Shopping Experience

Greenspan Mall seeks to expedite the shopping experience, placing multiple outlets in one place, providing variety, convenience, and efficiency for every shopping trip.

Pop Up shops

Flash mobs

Sampling and contesting

In-store event spaces

The friendlier, easier place to bank.

Woo & Engage clients

Our On-ground activation strategy creates a welcoming environment for your product or service
hit the target audience right on the mark and create a lasting impression. Long-lasting brand
recognition impacts customer loyalty and consistently binds the customer with your business.

Mall activation.

In-store activation.

Event activation.

Online activation.

Out-of-Home activation.

Bring the brand to life

Target your audience with our robust mix of media options, all strategically placed to reach shoppers who are poised to buy from your brand.

Elevator & Escalator graphics.

Window graphics & Sky banners.

Car-park advertising.

Digital signs.

Shopping bags.

An ideal advertising spot.

A mall that offers you all you need under one roof, Greenspan Mall is just the ideal place to create visibility for your brand or businesses.

Drive sales, build traffic

Drive sales, enhance brand awareness, and build traffic in our space.

Reach wider audience

With a footfall of 650 visitors monthly, reach a wider audience who are really
in the buying mood.

Transform your marketing

80% of visitors will notice the digital and illuminated ads throughout the mall
located in strategic areas.




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