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Facilities & Services

Customer Service desk &
Information Point

We make every effort to provide high standards of customer care and service to mall revelers through

Friendly & resourceful mall staff

Well-thought out and strategically positioned amenities

Priority on mall infrastructure management

Mall ambiance and traffic management

Space and vendor management

Public & Disabled Toilets
Accessibility for all

Throughout the mall we have accessible toilets have been specially designed to better accommodate people including the differently abled persons.

Clean and hygienic washroom facilities.

User-friendly and well-lit spaces.

Adequate signage and directions.

Availability, accessibility, and quality/safety.

Natural environment.

Baby Changing Stations
Accessible & Practical

Our baby changing stations are easy to operate, comfortable, easy to clean, and provide ultimate safety for the baby during a diaper change.

Meets sanitation of children and caregivers.

Enhances comfort and dignity of children.

Enhances safe diaper disposal.

Indicator that Greenspan Mall cares about children & caregivers.

Basic human right.

Diverse Food Outlets
Everything culinary

We know that the better the food court, the more you will visit our mall and keep coming back because we offer you the ultimate dining and shopping experience.

Quick Service Restaurants.

Cafés & Delis.

Casual Dining Restaurants.

Fine dining restaurants.

Pubs & Lounges.

Something for everyone.

Whether it is shoes, clothes, or appliances, Greenspan Mall has them all!

Our mall is well organized and offers you just what you need!

You need it! We have it!

Convenience and value-added shopping providing you a pleasurable shopping experience

Top-notch amenities

We have provided well thought-out and strategically positioned amenities

An Ultimate Experience

Our Mall not only offers you convenience but a lifestyle and unique experience




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